A bunch of things I've made before.

Look here if you don't know what a userscript is or how to install it.

Tools for imageboard CYOAs

(not to be confused with gamebooks & interactive fiction)
Imageboard CYOAs are imagination-fuel “games” like this one, presenting the player with a hypothetical situation and a set of choices & rules as a tool for coming up with a self-insert story (without too much Mary Sue-ing).

CYOA Viewer

CYOA Viewer is a small webapp for viewing CYOAs.

  • index page contains URL generator for both v1 and v2, along with a small catalogue of pre-made presets for v2 (catalogue updates are currently on hiatus).
  • CYOA Viewer v1 can be used for viewing CYOA galleries (from external webpages or local filesystem); it's designed to be as lightweight as possible.
  • CYOA Viewer v2 can be used for adding an interactive overlay to play these CYOAs. Such an overlay can be exported as a preset file.
  • user guide contains further information on usage, including how to share your own presets.

Quick CYOA calculator

Quick CYOA calculator is a smaller userscript equivalent of CYOA Viewer (v2); it allows for managing points as well as implements a CYOA viewing mode for Imgur and ImageChest galleries. Presets are also supported (though they aren't a focus feature); there's also a small selection of them on my Pastebin (though only the more NSFW ones couldn't be shared due to automatic access restriction).


IntCyoaEnhancer is a userscript which provides quality-of-life improvements for interactive CYOAs made in IntCyoaCreator. Currently it supports following features:

  • loading indicator for project.json (which only applies to project.json, as the app script is downloaded by internal browser process)
  • automatic state tracking in URL hash (it offers to load the state after page load)
  • alternative Full Scan mode which is heavier on CPU but is less limited than IDs list mode
  • custom tab title (for easier tab navigation)
  • overview/dice roll panel (preview build & navigate open sections)
  • menu command to enable backpack (if not present)
  • download project data (which doubles as current state of the app)
  • cheat engine (allows adjusting points)
  • debug functions in browser console (for examining/operating app state)

See also: IntCyoaCreator download progress indicator, IntCyoa bookmarklets.

CYOA compressor

CYOA compressor can be used to compress image data for both static and interactive CYOAs (at least those made in IntCyoaCreator). Has a README page with size comparison chart, as well as a downloadable version (better compression, support for GIF compression, and more features than in-browser version, but requires NodeJS to work).

In addition, can download and serve CYOAs locally (on http://localhost:8080).

IntCyoaCreator download progress indicator

IntCyoaCreator download progress indicator is a mod for interactive CYOAs made in IntCyoaCreator; it's inserted in the body of index.html, and displays loading progress of project.json (in percentage if full size is available, otherwise in bytes).
Has 2 optional tweaks: display download progress in MB instead of bytes, or always display percentage (filesize would be hardcoded so it'd need to be updated whenever you change project.json to show accurate percentage).

See also: IntCyoaEnhancer.

IntCyoa bookmarklets

IntCyoa bookmarklets is a set of bookmarklets which implement some simple features from IntCyoaEnhancer.
They're much more limited but they don't require a userscript manager extension to be used.

Currently only the backpack enabler feature is available.

Quantum X template for CYOA Studio

Quantum X is an extended version of the standard Quantum template for CYOA Studio, with additional tweaks such as custom cost prefix.

Other stuff

MangaUpdates chapter links is a userscript that adds links to releases displayed in MangaUpdates. (Not maintained.)

F95zone marker

F95zone marker is a userscript that allows marking game threads on the site F95zone (NSFW!) to highlight them in searches and update pages.

Live Cheat Maker

Live Cheat Maker is a universal Ren'Py game mod which lets you examine current state of the game, construct a menu for altering it, as well as distribute the menu along with the mod to produce a cheat mod for a specific game.

Releases can be found here.
A visual guide/usage scenario (for an older version) can be found here.


Cruncher is a Linux Shell port of a script (by the same name) used for compressing videogame resources for several engines (Ren'Py, RPG Maker MV/MZ/VX Ace, +generic HTML/Electron runtime). It also has additional features (such as parallel file processing, packaging/unpackaging Ren'Py & RPGM games, and tools/guides for non-focus engines).

Releases can be found here. User guide and further information can be found in the README.